UKUAT Provided Crucial Aid

As soon as the Russian invasion on Ukraine occurred, members of  UKUATogether collected hundreds of tonnes of aid and got it safely into the heart of Ukraine.

We were targeting Ukraine as opposed to Refugee camps (in countries like Poland and Moldova) as we had a network of contacts to get aid to those who were in the heart of the war and unable to get out.

Members of UKUATogether did the following:

  • Mobilised communities in London, Cotswolds and other geographical areas of UK through targeted communications and directed the type of aid that was required by Ukraine
  • Established a network of depots across the country where aid was dropped off and collected by lorries heading to Ukraine
  • Established a financial mechanism to fund lorries from UK to Ukraine
  • Collected a range of aid – working with private donors as well as institutions like the RAF (Royal Air Force) and Salvation Army to collect only the most essential aid. Aid included bedding, food, water, hygiene essentials, safety equipment and medical equipment
  • Worked with partners to deliver aid into Kyiv and from there to the institutions like hospitals, baby homes and underground shelters
  • Did press in order to raise awareness as part of fundraining

Some videos of our supporters