Q&A For Ukrainian Families

Here are some answers to the questions we commonly get asked


Q. Do you need a biometric passport to get a Visa into UK to qualify for the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ Government scheme?

A. No you don’t but if you have one, the process is a lot simpler and you will not need to attend an appointment at a visa application centre. You will be able to travel with the confirmation letter that you will receive in your email. If you don’t have a biometric passport, you will still be able to apply but you will need to book and attend an appointment at a visa application centre to have your picture and fingerprints taken.

Q. Where is the best place to leave from to get into the UK?

A. The answer depends on where you are now.  You can easily get a flight OR go by train from Poland, Moldavia and Bulgaria.  Flights are all reasonably priced and right now (time of writing is April 2022) the trains into the UK for all Ukrainian Refugees for free.  If you have your own car you can drive to the UK as well.

Q. What if you have pets?

A. All pets coming into the UK will need a chip, a rabies shot and will need to go into quarantine. There are strict rules. Those who are planning on arriving with pets must call 03000 200 301 and press 2 to speak to an adviser, or email: pettravel@apha.gov.uk.

Q. You have Children. What happens on arrival with schools?

A. On arrival, the local council will come and visit you as a family. The council will likely offer to apply to school for your child on your behalf in the local area you will be living with your sponsor. They may also assist you in sourcing a uniform for school as well.

Q. What happens on arrival to the UK?

A. In the first month of your arrival you get:

  • 6 months visa to remain in the UK
  • Ability to apply for a 3 year-visa to remain in the UK
  • £200 per person gift card (to spend on food, essentials)
  • access to medical and local authority support
  • right to work
  • access to benefits (if there is no job opportunities) (https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit/what-youll-get)
  • Pension Credit – extra money to help with your living costs if you’re on a low income and over State Pension age which is 66 in the UK
  • Disability benefits – extra money to help with additional costs for those who have a long term physical or mental health condition or disability
  • Schooling for kids

Q. Will You have enough money to ‘live on’?

A. Yes

Q. Are you able to work?

A. Yes, you have the right to work