Sensitivities and Mental Health

It is important to remember that none of our Ukrainian guests have chosen to be in the UK. Stated simply, they are here to escape from a devastating and destructive war.

For all, their happy, established lives have been shattered. For most, their homes have been destroyed. For many, everything material they owned has gone. They may have spent weeks sheltering in a basement, and then weeks in difficult temporary accommodation before they came to the UK.

Please remember to be sensitive to this situation. While we, as hosts, are delighted to welcome them, to provide safety and support, for our refugees this is not a holiday.

Give guests support, but also time and space to adjust to a very difficult situation.

If either host or refugee needs help, then do not hesitate to reach out to the right people for this help.  It is one of the most important ways of providing support.

Be alert to the need for counselling, and professional help. The GP is the place to start if this applies.